Baguio Misadventures

So finally after 32 years I get to step on to the famous Baguio, City of Pines, Summer Capital of the Philippines, so and so, although it was January.  Many times I have planned to go here but it’s either the lack of time or the lack of money. But then on one rare occasion when both are available, I took my chance.  

I love to see the famous mountains of Baguio, the fog and the pines. I think I could smell the pines from inside the bus! It was beautiful on the way to the city but then when  we move closer and closer I saw this.

It was like Payatas or Smokey Mountain from afar. It's sad.

Once we settled in our place, we went on to the nearest spot, which is a few steps away, Mines View Park.

But my eyes caught that Cordillera World, seeing some native artifacts and in my mind I could see the Barrel Man.


I think the words on the stairs says "welcome, come in" or something like that.


Ah, yes! The souvenirs!

Mines View when we decided to go ahead was very crowded when  we came. The main view deck has so many people I think if one slipped, everybody will fall off the cliff. I decided not to go near then, just took a photo of them.

Still a great view though, despite those houses on the mountains.  This is the best I could get

And that is Manang Igorota, walking away from me as if I am leper or something, or maybe I just don't have 10 pesos to pay for her talent fee of standing next to me.

The weirdest things I saw in Mines View though are those drugged St. Bernard dogs and pink-haired horses.  Man, that's just wrong. People taking photos of the giant dog wearing sunglasses and among other stuff clipped to its hair.  And that horse! I'm lost for words.

We took the whole afternoon roaming around the Usual Places people go...


You know I will have my photo taken on THE Session Road!

It was late in the afternoon when we got to Burnham Park so I did not get the whole thing.

Oh fountains!

The next day, we went to Philippine Military Academy, Fort Gregorio Del Pilar!

Wag ka magbiro sa akin, baka ratratin kita...

O baka gusto mo kanyunin na lang kita?



More photos... 

Another thing we checked out in Baguio is the FOOD!  In Baguio, its not just strawberries aplenty but a lot of street food as well... uhmm well I can only see sweetcorn and dried pusit, though a whole street is selling them, just the two of them.  I'm not a fan of dried pusit so I decided to go with the corn, 35 bucks? Oh okaaayyy!

Of course since strawberries are everywhere, they make everything out of it.

One place I want to go to here and check out is Cafe by the Ruins! We had our lunch already so we decided to try the famous Kamote bread and it was awesome.

Kamote bread by Ernie (Who's Ernie? I guess the one who invented) + Ruins Cafe = #HappyTummy

But never leave Baguio without stopping by the 50's Diner!  

"Guys on the Hood"

"Gangsta Gangsta"

and their humongous Clubhouse Sandwich

We haven't gone to many other places here because we just cant go to every place, but they surely be on my next trip back here. I enjoyed Baguio, especially the cold weather at least you have an excuse to wear your jacket all day!